TFG Financial Corporation, formerly known as Travelers Financial Corporation, was founded in 1986. TFG Financial has its sights on becoming the leading provider of alternative equipment financing in Canada – we’ve got solutions when your Bank is still asking questions.


Our Mission is To Make Equipment Financing Easy

  • Applying for financing is simple, just contact us
  • Most financings get completed in days, not weeks …we won’t keep you waiting
  • We offer flexible repayment terms, in sync with when your equipment is making you money
  • No “bank-like” covenants or monthly reporting


Is Your Bank Making Excuses?

  • Your business is too new
  • The equipment you want to finance is too old
  • You’re self-employed – the Bank doesn’t have a program for that
  • Sorry, your financial ratios are outside our guidelines
  • We may be able to help once we see next year’s results

We’re in business to say “Yes” when your Bank says no.


The “Magic” of Lease Financing

  • Sales tax is paid on each lease payment, not like loans requiring all that cash up-front
  • The Banks want a big down-payment ….typically our leases are 0% to 15% down
  • With our “lease-to-own” features it feels like a loan …but only better

Quite simply, our leases require less cash out of your pocket ….and this leaves you with more cash to run your business. Magic!


What kinds of assets can be financed with TFG?

Lease and loan financing for Trucks & Trailers, Construction, Material Handling, Machine Tools, Manufacturing, Printing, Forestry, Agricultural…virtually any kind of revenue generating asset.