TFG Financial Corporation, formerly known as Travelers Financial Corporation (TFC), was founded in 1986. As part of changing our name, we have a more intense focus on our “Asset-Based Leasing” activities, to serve customers that have equipment financing needs outside the conventional approach taken by the big banks and leasing companies.

TFG’s new name is a result of an announcement in May of 2014, that the assets of the prime equipment and vehicle finance business of TFC would become part of the Coast Capital Group of Companies. We did not include our Asset-Based Leasing (ABL) activities in the Coast transaction, but instead, we make our ABL product available to Coast Capital through an arrangement that allows them to offer it to their customers. TFG also offers its ABL product to other financial institutions, the equipment broker network in Canada, and select equipment dealers.

TFG Financial can trace its roots from a humble start to becoming the cornerstone of the family of companies comprising the Travelers Financial Group. It started with Travelers Financial Corporation (TFC) and the 28-year build-out of a national equipment leasing and financing business, which has now been merged into Coast Capital. Along the way, Travelers Leasing Corporation built a national presence in the automobile leasing & financing sector and was acquired by the Bank of Nova Scotia in 2007. From its start in 1993, Travelers Acceptance Corporation built a Canada-wide consumer financing business and was acquired by its joint venture partner Servus Credit Union in 2011. More recently, Travelers Capital Corporation was formed to provide non-bank commercial financing to small to mid-market Canadian businesses, and in the US we provide the same financing product through affiliate TCC Financial Inc.

TFG Today

Today, after building and divesting several businesses, TFG Financial has its sights on becoming the leading provider of alternative equipment financing in Canada. Our ABL product serves a growing customer segment comprised of early-stage businesses, companies that are growing faster than might be comfortable for other lenders, and businesses that have had uneven performance and don’t meet Bank requirements. We make it very easy to do business with us, with a combination of old-fashioned common sense and a leading-edge technology platform provided by Inovatec.

The TFG Leadership Team

HOME Jim Case Chief Executive Officer

Jim Case is Group Leader for the Travelers Financial Group of Companies; guiding vision and strategic initiatives for all the various lines of business. Over the past thirty years, Jim has founded and developed the Travelers Financial Group of Companies: Travelers Automotive Finance, which was acquired by Scotiabank in 2007, and is now Canada’s second largest special finance lender; Travelers Finance Ltd. (Prime Equipment/Auto Finance & Leasing) which has operated as Coast Capital Equipment Finance Ltd. since 2014, in combination with two new entities, Travelers Finance Ltd. and Travelers Leasing Ltd.; Ritchie Bros. Financial Services, a joint venture creating a global initiative to support the world’s largest industrial auctioneer, Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers’; Travelers Capital Corporation, financing for renewable energy projects; Inovatec Systems Corporation, a software and systems provider for equipment/auto financing and leasing providers in Canada and the US; and TFG Financial Corporation, which offers captive finance programs and partnerships for equipment OEM’s and large dealer groups/near/non-prime equipment/auto finance & leasing, Integrated Financial Technologies Inc. (Fintech solutions combined with portfolio servicing.)

HOME Roberto Cortese President

Roberto Cortese joined the Travelers Group in December 2005. With a mission and strategy that emphasizes transformation and growth while leveraging Travelers’ core competencies. Prior positions include CEO Coast Capital Auto & Equipment Finance, Vice President and General Manager (and founding member) of De Lage Landen Canada, a subsidiary of Rabobank. Other held past senior positions included Managing Director of Danka Financial Services, Citicapital and Newcourt.

HOME Manny Batista Chief Risk Officer

Manny Batista is TFG Financial Corporation’s Chief Risk Officer, developing and managing credit policy and guidelines. Manny is focused on making sound credit decisions aimed at supporting both the company and clients for the best possible outcomes. Manny Batista understands the challenges of today’s competitive business environment and structures customized payment solutions designed for companies with unique needs including fluctuating seasonal income, single owner/operators and large corporations alike. Manny Batista has over 30 years of successful experience in both bank and non-bank lending environments acquired with Roynat Lease Finance, Meridian One Cap, TD Canada Trust, and Gulf and Fraser Credit Union. This exposure enables him to structure win/win relationships with client partners for long term corporate success and growth.

HOME Ernie Holmes Vice President, Sales

As Vice President of Sales, Ernie Holmes is responsible for origination growth for TFG Financial Corporation. Ernie leads the sales team in forging relationships to support both vendor and end user partners for long term mutual opportunity. TFG Financials’ asset-based lending solutions have been developed to meet the alternate financing needs of a wide range of companies in the acquisition of revenue generating equipment in both Canada and the US. Having worked in the industry for more than two decades, Ernie is a valuable resource for both TFG clients and members alike. He has an in-depth understanding of how both small owner/operators, all the way to large corporations can benefit from accessible, transparent financing for the acquisition of working assets in transportation, mining, construction, material handling, machine tools, manufacturing, printing, forestry and agricultural sectors. Ernie’s knowledgeable and solution-oriented approach to alternative non-bank financing has gained him various positions in the industry, such as Partner at Western Capital Group, as Account Executive, Regional Manager and Vice President of Sales with Travelers Financial Corporation, and most recently as Vice President of Sales for Coast Capital Equipment Finance Ltd. and Travelers Financial Ltd., a part of the Coast Travelers Group of Companies.

HOME Aaron Case Assistant Vice President, Asset Based Lending

Aaron Case is an AVP for TFG Financial Corporation. Aaron specializes in development and management of vendor and O.E.M. based partnerships in a wide range of industries in Canada and the U.S. He develops programs offering asset-based lending and customized financing solutions through vendors. Point of sale financing assists end users in successfully acquiring both new and pre-owned working assets in Canada and the U.S. Aaron has gained comprehensive asset-based lending experience ranging from financing single units for owner operators to multi-million dollar transactions for large multi-nationals. Aaron has worked with Ritchie Bros. Financial Services, Travelers Financial Corporation, the Coast Travelers Group of Companies, and was part of the team that formed Ritchie Bros Financial and HIAB Financial Services.

HOME Mark Wallace Asset Manager

Mark Wallace directs and manages TFG Financial’s PowerLease Program. This successful Lease to Own initiative is designed expressly for truck drivers/Owner Operators to acquire the best new or pre-owned vehicle to meet their needs, and then matches them with carriers that share their goals. PowerLease is a win/win opportunity and our matching service is free to Owner Operators. Mark has been involved in the transportation industry for more than two decades. His broad experience includes management roles within The Challenger Group, SDL Inc and Landstar in the areas of Supply Chain Management, global and domestic transportation services, which included Intermodal, Truckload and Warehouse services. His background makes Mark a valuable resource for TFG clients and partners. A successful former fleet operator himself, Mark is knowledgeable and approachable — with an in depth understanding of the challenges and rewards of Owner Operators.